wall26® - World Map Wall Decal Poster w/ Marker, Peel and Stick, Draw & Erase - 24"x36"

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About this product

  • Easy to use, just peel and stick. Write on, Wipe Off, marker included!
  • Functional Dry Erase Decal write anywhere on Map's surface
  • Repositional and always removable, Made in USA!
  • Safe for primed walls and smooth surfaces, leaves no sticky residue
  • Bright Colors, easy to read, 2015 up-to-date Miller Projection map of Earth

This full color political world map is printed in with high quality ink on self adhesive vinyl and laminated for use with dry erase markers. Just peel off the paper backing and apply to any smooth primed surface.

Works on painted walls, glass, smooth metal surfaces. The map is current with all recognized country borders as of 2015, including South Sudan. Indicated on the map are Countries, Country Capitals, Major Cities, Islands, Bodies of Water, State and Province Capitals for the United States and Canada.

Unlike other dry erase maps this graphic was created specifically for use with Dry Erase, minor information was omitted for easier readibility and customization by the user. Map graphic is a Wall26 Exclusive image.

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This review is for the wall26 - World Map Wall Decal Poster w/ Marker, Peel and Stick, Draw & Erase - 24"x36". I was so thrilled when I saw this world wall map online. We home school our kids so this is an excellent addition to our classroom. I unrolled it and we already got to try it out a bit on the table. We are moving class room furniture around and painting it so we will be hanging it before school starts. We were relying on the world maps found online and printing them off, which isn’t nearly as nice to work with as this one is going to be! This will be an amazing addition to our history and geography curriculum. I will be using this to help our kids with a more hands on approach rather than just paper assignments. We love this and can’t wait to start using it this fall. This is a must have for any parents home schooling or just to make into a fun but educational game for the family. The quality is excellent, perfect large size and easy to wipe off the dry erase marker. If my review has helped you please click “YES” below, thanks!
I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for testing and for my honest review. I strive to review items that I actually need and will use. My review is always based 100% off our personal use of the product. This can include me, my husband, kids, nieces, nephews and our fur babies.
I got this map to track our travels. Also this is perfect for my kids to learn a bit of geography, they can touch and point at places without worrying about damaging or soiling like you would a paper map. They can write on the map about places they have been or places they have learned about and would like to visit. We are really enjoying it. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.
This World Map came just a few days after I ordered it. It was rolled up into an elongated tube shape. Included in the tube was a small dry erase marker, to write on the map. It was actually very hard to get it straightened out, so I put it under my living room rug and let people walk all over it for the past few days (no one knew it was under there) and then took it out and it was perfectly flat.
I was excited about getting this world map since I had read that students are doing very poorly in geography. I wanted to show my grandchildren the different countries in the world and to teach them a lot about each country and where they are in the world. We are reading library books about each country and their customs, and are looking at the same on the internet. This map just brings it a little bit closer to reality for them.
I put this on an old white board (that’s really gray) and that way they can use the dry erase markers for notes on the side, or to write about places that they and their parents have been. (My son in law was in Iraq, my husband in Mexico, my mother in Ireland, on and on…) The World Map just lets them have a real hands on experience to connect our country with the rest of the world. I love it!
The colors on the map are bright, I love that the names of the countries are written very clearly, and that each country has its own color. It’s great to discuss all the oceans and where they exist; overall, this is a great learning tool and the kids absolutely love it!
Disclosure: I was given this product with a promotional discount (or for free) in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. And, hey, I look at reviews before I buy something too, to make sure it’s a product that would serve my family in some positive way. I love to share my insight and opinion about the things I buy and I do so with Benjamin Franklin’s quote always in mind: Honesty is the best policy.
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I love this world map wall decal! It's big, and fits right up on my wall, and it comes with a marker that you can use to write on the map. I love to travel and I think that this map was a great addition to my room. It was very easy to stick it up on my wall.
I have received this map wall decal for free in exchange for my honest review.
Sticks great and looks great. Even bigger than I expected! Would be perfect for classrooms.
Note: I received this at a discounted rate via Review Kick in exchange for my unbiased review.
This map works as advertised. I have not had any issues with this products performance thus far. The wall I placed it on is smooth so I am curious to know if that makes a difference. I would imagine it would be hard to get the same results with a bumpy wall. I do wonder how long this product will last when it comes to the duration it would remain attached where it is placed. It appears to be very durable enough to withstand frequent use. However from past experience with peel and stick products they don't maintain its adhesive backing when frequently moved. Overall I'm satisfied with this product.
I really like this map. It is very good quality and the colors on it are really nice. I love that it comes with a magnetic marker and it was easy to peel and stick on the wall. It looks great and I am very happy with it. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.
I was so excited to use this map with my boys. Their uncle travels a ton and they like to use the map to keep track of him. We have a map that we add a star to every time he moves but it is nice to use the dry erase makers to show them a place he may only be at a few days or show them the route he took to get there. We have used the marker that came with the poster, as well as, Expo dry erase and a no name brand and all have erased easily from the map. It is a large map and I needed my husbands help to apply it to the wall with out any bubble or having it fold back on itself, but once it was straight it adhered fine and had been up for over a week with no problems. There are a few typos in the state abbreviations (Hawaii is HW instead of HI, and Virginia is VT not VA). There may be other mistakes but I haven't labored over it to find them all. For the purpose we are using for I am not worried about the mistakes, but as my kids get older I would want a more accurate map so they learn the abbreviations correctly.
Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I thoroughly test all products and try to give the most insightful, helpful review possible.
I bought this map for my spare room. It's larger than I thought it'd be. My kids are loving it. They get to draw all over it and in turn they are getting familiar with where things are. Then I get to wipe it off and it looks like a decoration :) I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. I got this map at a discount in exchange for an honest review.
Awesome map. Did not stick well to our wall. I don't know if it was because of our textured walls and glossy paint or if it was because we readjusted it while trying to position it correctly on the wall next to my sons bed. I do know that come morning it had fallen half off his wall and onto him in his bed. (quite the rude awaking lol) It got crumpled up a bit and stuck to itself. I was able to unhook it, but it still had some creases to it. I then moved it over to his closet door and it stuck quite well. Unfortunately there are creases in it from when it fell and it wouldn't got on completely straight. My son enjoys looking at it, but it is not quite as conveniently placed on the closet instead of the wall.
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