Wall26 Wall Chalkboard Removable Dry Erase Blank Message Board Peel and Stick Decal Sheet (Marker Included) - 24" x 52"

24" x 52"
Blank for General Use

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About this product

  • Easy to install just peel and stick. Write on, Wipe Off!
  • Functional dry erase decal
  • Repositionable and always removable. It can be cut into smaller sheets.
  • Safe for walls with no sticky residues
  • One dry erase marker included, cap has eraser on the tip

This large dry-erase white board is functional, clean, and unadorned. Awaiting all of your to-do lists, doodles, diagrams, and messages, this board is conveniently removable, reusable, and repositionable.
Have fun being organized on this 24"x52" dry erase decal, which comes with dry-erase marker.

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This is a great size for a marker board. It was a little hard to install by myself, but I was able to get it. I think that it had a lot to do with the size, if you are getting any of the smaller I think it would be easy. I do recommend for this size to have another person help in getting it straight and completely smoothed out. Overall this is a great easy to install and extremely affordable marker board. I have been given a discount on this item in exchange for an honest review.
I bought this product for my wife as she is a piano teacher and always makes everything possible for her piano lesson to be interesting and at the same time entertaining for kids. We do not only use it for her piano lessons but also for family time and special notes to each other.
Very cool idea to have in any house, especially if you have kids. There are so many option to use it.
I received this at a discount for an honest and unbiased review.
I wanted a large calendar to mark down the million of prenatal appointments I have now, and wanted something reusable. I was offered this in exchange for an honest review, and it's just what I needed. I used magnets instead of the sticky back, and use chalk markers for bolder colors, and the calendar boxes are big enough to see from a long distance. In the future, I'm planning on using it for the kid to color on!
I've used whiteboards in my office/think space for years with success. It's hard for me to develop thoughts without them now. I usually buy a giant shower board from Home Depot and cut it into pieces- which works great, but is a little bulky and not sleek looking. The sticker is a great alternative.. low profile and sticks right to the wall. Works just the same as any other white board I've ever used. Haven't tried removing and re-applying so can't attest to whether or not marks will be left on the wall. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
Perfect, and fits beautiful on my wall. Helps keep things on track for me as I'm a writer. Will recommend to my friends.
The Dry Erase Sticker came as advertised: large size, with peel & stick backing, and a dry erase marker. However, there were a few issues that will hopefully work themselves out easily with time and ingenuity. The large sticker is rolled up tightly and wrapped in a tight plastic sleeve (then placed in a large rectangular box) for shipping. When I unboxed and removed the plastic wrap the sticker remained in the tight rolled up position. It is impossible to unroll it and get it to lay flat right out of the box. In fact, it won't stick to the wall flat while it's still so tightly rolled without peeling. I'm going to lay it on the porch in the sun, unrolled, with books to weight it down flat and hope that this will do the trick (and hopefully not disturb the sticky surface too much as it's 100+ degrees right now outside and I worry it may melt a bit...).
Once we can apply it to the wall flat, I have high hopes it will stick well. There is very minimal texture on our painted walls, so it shouldn't be an issue. I've noticed some reviewers state that it may peel a bit, but some extra sticky tape in those areas should help, if needed. The backing is hard to peel off the poster, as there isn't a corner or area that is designed for easy peeling. I carefully scored an area with the point of an xacto knife and was able to start to peel it off. As we can't install it until it flattens, I'm hoping it peels off easily in one large piece.
The only other feedback is that they did provide a small dry erase marker with the poster, which was a nice touch. The marker comes with a small sponge erasure on the cap, which would be good for small erasing needs. The cap also has a magnet, which would be awesome to keep it with the sticker, however, the sticker isn't magnetized... so it was an odd addition. We could remedy this by adding a flat magnet sticker to the dry erase sticker though. Our marker also drew in a bit of a "dried out" manner, but may just need to be used more to get more ink to the tip.
Overall, it serves the purpose we bought it for (my teenage daughter's desk area in her room).
I received a discount on this product for a fair and honest review.
so much larger than I anticipated will be very helpful for my business needs im so excited to have this
I receive discounts on some purchases to do reviews n products but my integrity is more important than a free product
I do these reviews honestly and try to provide information i feel will benefit others in making purchasing decisions
I am an avid review reader and rely on them in making my own purchases I hope I can help you in some way feel free to ask questions and le me know if there is more I can do to help you
1 star = I hate the product - would return if I could, threw it away
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Making a decision to get my life more organized, I was on the search for the best tools to do the job. I decided to try a wall decal whiteboard simply for the cost effectiveness. Wall26, has provided just what I needed. I like that this product is customizable in size. Being 36" by 48",, you can easily cover one wall or be cut down into smaller sizes. I haven't tried sticking it to the wall yet to see how well the adhesive is, but I am sure like with any wall sticker it depends on the texture of the wall.
This product also comes with a small dry erase marker that has adhesive backing on the lid to attach it near the whiteboard paper so you don't lose it.
I would like to disclose that I have received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review. And although I have received this product under the circumstances, I have no personal relationship with the seller and I choose personally to review products that compliment my lifestyle.
I bought this because I planned to use it as a portable white board from my traveling classes. Lucky for me I tested it before using it for a class. Do NOT use Expo Markers with this sheet unless you have some Acetone lying around the house - but I have no idea what Acetone will do for the overall lifetime use for this product. Rubber Cement thinner will also remove the Expo marker, but it takes some rubbing.
Life is too short to be limited to the crappy black thin line marker this product comes with.
The board comes with a pen. It writes smoothly on the board and can erase easily with the eraser on the back of the pen. The board is great for homeschooling or following up homework. It can stick on the wall very easily just like most boards. I received this wall board at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. It is a treat to use perfect for teachers.
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