Wall26 Wall Chalkboard Removable Dry Erase Blank Message Board Peel and Stick Decal Sheet (Marker Included) - 18"x24"


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    I ordered this dry erase board at a discount in exchange for my honest review and I have some mixed thoughts about it. To put this in context mine arrived crushed inside of the box. So it was rolled up but crushed during shipping so when I unrolled it, it was severely creased. The damage pretty much rendered this useless for me. I peeled the backing off and because it is a larger size you need to be careful that it doesn't stick to itself while peeling the back off. I tried to smooth out the creases but it was just too far gone. It was nice and sticky and adhered to the fridge just fine. The marker is nice and dark and shows up perfectly and it has a tiny eraser on the end that completely removed the marker, it did not leave a stain. Had this not been damaged in shipping I would have been happy to use it for my office. I don't think I would have mounted it directly on our wall just because I'd worry that it would damage it (I know it says it doesn't but I wouldn't chance it). I would mount it on something else then hang it. Sadly I won't be using this but I could see how it would have been useful.
    This was cute but what really disappointed us was the packaging was horrible, has little creases so it made it really difficult to put on our wall. I mean it was nice and easy to put but man it did peal our paint and now it has tons of creases which does not look right if our daughter wants to write it on it. My husband was so frustrated and pissed and said they should have packaged it in a right box and we both were trying so hard to get the creases out and we couldn't. This does come rolled up which I think might have been the problem and again we had creases. This is cute, durable and comes with a marker. I am embarrassed to take a picture but right now, our daughter is two so she is not ready yet.
    I am writing my honest and unbiased opinion as per I received this item on a discounted price
    I got this dry erase wall decal to use as a chore chart for my son. The decal is a lot bigger then I expected but it can be cut down to any size you want. I love the fact that it is really big so I can cut it down and use the left over pieces for different uses, such as labeling jars in my kitchen and around my house.
    Overall I really like it and I recommend it!
    I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.
    My kids and I love the pretty design on this . I got this so I can write down what they need to do when it's time for them to do some chores around the house. this is great for my kids because they are still young and they look looking at this. I write down their homework and I use this to teach them how to do their math and English. it's like a white board for me. I can keep using it over and over.
    I received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for product testing and review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no incentive or reward for doing so.
    My kids enjoying drawing.This dry erase whiteboard is wonderful for my kids to use. The dry erase whiteboard have a cute cartoon jungle animal
    decal.My kids like to play on whiteboard.They have so much fun use the whiteboard. I love these boards for our home classrooms in place of traditional white boards. They hold up nicely, look great, and our kids can't swipe them off the walls!You pull them out, stick them on wherever you’d like them to go. And if you want to move them, it’s no problem. You just pull them off, and stick them on somewhere else. There’s no residue that’s left, and it doesn’t peel or destroy paint.If you have nice, smooth walls, they would work great on those. The measuring is 18″ wide x 24″ long, this spacious whiteboard gives you plenty of room to stay organized throughout the year. With all the amenities of a peel and stick decal.The reposition's and removable, no sticky residue and completely safe for walls, this easy to install wall decor can be applied wherever needed. A perfect accessory for the office, home, dorm room, classroom or playroom, this reusable surface can be used in a variety of ways. Make lists, keep track of plans,stay on top of homework, play games, teach, have fun and stay inspired with this fabulous dry-erase solution.
    These are great for the kids to draw on a huge space on their walls. Much easier and no dust that would come if we wanted to create a chalkboard wall. They are prepositional too.The dry erase whiteboard would make a great holiday present for a teen or child, or anyone with children, or who would enjoy a unique whiteboard. It makes a really fun decorative piece for a room that kids of all ages could enjoy.They do have different decal on them for teenier or for a mom can use.This would be great behind a desk for a command center.It will work well with your children's activities program.The dry erase whiteboard is easy to clean off.The whiteboard is great to use.I am very happy with this product. I would definitely recommend this product to other.Item arrived on time and I am very happy with the product.I recommend it to anyone.
    *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.*
    This is an adorable little wall vinyl whiteboard sticker. Wow, that's definitely a mouthful! Unlike this wall vinyl whiteboard sticker, which you would likely NOT want to eat. 0/10 even with rice.
    We're using this product to help curb my son's appetite for drawing on walls. Hopefully it will work.
    I received this product at a reduced rate in exchange for an honest review.
    my kids absolutely love it. easy to install and start having fun with it.
    Very high quality printing this will last very for years, it erases great glad I found this product
    I received this product at a discounted rate or free to give an honest, authentic & exaggerated review. This includes not only the good bits but also the bad bits if applicable. In the case of some items this means that I cannot provide details of the long-term benefits or effects or durability etc unless I already have experience of using that product in the past.
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    To be clear even tho this is my second case I did receive it at a discount for review item. If the item was not great I would not have bought a second one even at a discount it wold not be worth my time to write a second review or to spend any money on it whatsoever.
    In closing this case is so good this is my second one great item 5 out of 5 stars all the way
    Easy to cut down to size, and it applies fine if you're careful and slow about it (thing of the way you would apply a phone screen protector--go slow, smooth out the bubbles along the way). What I like most is that it can be cut to fit any area. I used half on my fridge, and my husband took the other half to his garage, where he applied it to the side of his large rolling toolbox - this way he has a place to write down measurements and things as he "builds" and "fixes" things (**more likely to be used as a scoring area for darts, I suspect nothing ACTUALLY gets "built" or "fixed" out there!!!). There isn't a whole lot else to say about this - it's a white board, simple as that. I've noticed in the past that thinner whiteboards, whiteboard paint, and inexpensive boards, do a lot better when you use a cleaning fluid on them than they do with dry erasers, I've always just taken that as a fact of life. I have a small bottle of Expo board cleaner, it came with a set of markers, and when I use that, it comes clean just fine!
    I got this for my niece. So far she is really loving it and I wish I would have kept it for myself! It is very large and fits to the correct sizing of 18×24. It is a sticker, which means it can go just about anywhere. My niece has it on her wall, and has moved it without it pulling up the paint. It sticks really well, and doesn't fall off at the edges or slip. It is a smooth surface, that is easily written on. The marker comes off and goes on extremely well. The marker that came with this board isn't the best, but it works. We have our own that work much better
    I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.
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