Wall26 White Beach with Blue Sea and Palm Tree Open Window Mural Wall Decal Sticker - 36"x48"

36" x 48"
Tropical Beach
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About this product

  • Unique and One of a kind Home Wall Sticker Design
  • Very High Quality Vinyl - 7+ year exterior life!
  • Very easy to apply, remove or reposition - Just PEEL & STICK!
  • You can put it by yourself indoors or outdoors: walls, doors, widows or any flat and dry surface!
  • Won't leave a mark on your wall like other cheap sticker, no residue!
  • Large murals are printed in multiple panels and might require two people to install.
  • Great for any smooth wall surface, doors, renters, dorms, bedrooms, offices, refrigerators, kids play areas, reception areas, waiting rooms, halls.
  • Not recommended for high moisture areas, above or near fireplaces and cribs.
  • Forgiving adhesive vinyl material
  • Matte finish
  • Removable & reusable
  • No paste, no tools, no residue
  • Applicable on flat dry surfaces, even glass
  • Depending on the size of your surface it may be helpful to have someone to help you with installation
  • Be sure to start with a smooth, clean surface (preferably non-glossy wall paint).
  • Remove hooks, light fixtures, and wall plates; fill cracks and holes with spackling compound and sand until smooth.
  • Do not pre-trim your mural.
  • Make sure you approve your mural layout before trimming any excess material.
  • Multi-panel murals have an overlap along the seams. This is not a printing error.
  • If your mural sticks to itself, slowly peel the two sides apart by dipping your fingers in some rubbing alcohol, then working them between the areas stuck. Gently pull apart.
  • The same mural can be safely applied and removed many times without losing adhesion.
  • To remove your mural from the surface, slowly and gently peel from the top on a 120 degree angle.
  • Tape measure and straight edge
  • Sharp knife or boxcutter
  • Smoothing tool or towel
  • Blowdryer

Product made in USA with fast shipping. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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This is a really beautiful picture, great resolution. It is very large so make sure you have an oversized wall to put it on. We put it on a foam board that we picked up at the local office supply store. Working with a 'decal' of this size is a job in itself but you know that going into it. Be calm and patient and soon enough, you will have a beautiful beach window of your own.
I ordered this for the front wall of my trailer to give the illusion of a window rather then looking at a blank wall. It did exactly what I wanted it to. Made the trailer feel more spacious. Excellent quality and the picture looked just like our camp grounds near by. I love it, really searched to find a window that was closed and the right scene. Just perfect!
I got the "Hammock between two palms at a tropical resort" for my small office...it is awesome! Easy to install by myself too in about 5 minutes. Just get a straight line on the wall, peel back the top, align and stick along the top, and pull down the back decal and go side-to-side until you are at the bottom. It looks (almost) like a real window with a great view! The frame is not blurry at all either. Love it!
This thing is beautiful, I was a little nervous when I got it because it's big but it hangs easily and I had no issues with air bubbles etc.
Nice wall hanging
This item is extremely defective and misleading. This caused considerable damage to my wall and ripped all of the paint off area it was applied as I tried to reposition. The statement, "Won't leave a mark on your wall like other cheap sticker, no residue" is completely false! BUYER BEWARE!!!
I do not have a window in my bath which makes it quite dark so I wanted something to set of that plain back wall which was a very light sand color. I purchased this mural and applied it to my wall. Boy did it pass my expectations. It is very bright and colorful and looks so realistic. Have gotten so many compliments.
Quality of picture is great but be very careful puting it up extremely sticky can't pull back to get air bubbles out which you will have we have to buy a second one to cover the fiurstbone because it took paint right off wall and have no choice but to staple or nail it then frame it so much for economical.
I expected much better quality for the price. Not as pictured. I love the white horse, it's very beautiful, but it's unfortunate that the window frame is blurry. Why WHY WHYYYY!!!!! Such a shame. I bought another design, it's on its way now.... I'm trying to figure out where to put it but I might try to return... Well, I'll hear my husband's opinion first tho. I now understand why 1 person said it looks better online!!! It's because the window frame is blurry in person!!! That's what makes it look so odd!! It ruins the art!!! :(((( I bet many people that gave 5 star reviews just don't have good eye sight.....or maybe they got a discount or got it for free, who knows.... They definitely can do better... I would've loved it without the window frame, I think, because the blurry window frame ruins the picture. But since I love all species I'll change to 5 stars. Also, since I'm Amazon Prime member, Amazon credited me.
Only issue I have with it is that the "windows" are detached from the "frame".
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