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Percent condition-as described- timely
It took my husband's help to get this on the side of one of my kitchen cabinets. It's large, so rolling it out to perfect installation won't happen. I'm still happy with it though because we use it as a chore/task list for our household. Next time, I'll get a smaller one.
It peeled off the second day...
this item is NOT removable. great while i was using it, but it removed a layer of wood when i attempted to move it
This simply does not work. It is such a great idea and I really wish it worked like it said it would. Firstly, it does not stick to walls. It peels off, maybe because the static is too strong? Secondly, the dry erase markers do NOT erase from this material. Like I said, I really wished this worked like ti says it does but it does not.
Worked as a white board well. "Removable"? Not so much. Ripped paint off the wall.
The surface is not flat (wavy). It does not stick perfectly to the wall.
It peeled the paint of my dry wall and did not erase as well as I would like. Better off buying a real Dry Erase Board I think.
Would not stick to the wall at all. The wall is new, clean, and flat. I sent this back as defective. Never even got to try to write on it.
I have been looking around for white board and i cant decide to buy one beacuse they are too expensive... i needed one beacuse i am planning to teach my daughter at home before the class starts this school year... so i run and search amazon and found this removalbe dry erase message board peel. Its inexpensive and really good inquality. I just attached it on the wall and there i have a dry erase withour spending too much. This is a great deal...