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Looks great. Only gave 4 stars due to the fact that it doesn't stick to the wall as advertised. I used thumb tacks hold it into place
In about 20 minutes I had up, just have to make sure you got it level. Look great, love it.
i like the picture, but it was rolled for packaging and because of the sticky back, it had creases that I couldn't get out.
Good quality , hard to install to wall , I try to fix many bubble
Put this in an office with plain white walls. Makes the room look twice as big, and people do a double take because it looks so real. The "adhesive" could use a little work, but it was able to be fixed with little trouble and looks great.
I really like this product...however, it wouldn't stay on my wall. It kept falling off. So I didn't want it to be a waste, so I staple it on my wall.
I love this mural. Not sure of what happened with the people who are not happy and why it didn't stay on the wall. If you have ever hung wallpaper it goes on just like that. Just work out all the air bubbles like wallpaper hanging and your mural will look great.
I put this up in my small office and everyone who comes in LOVES this! It came in quickly and installation was easy. Although I do recommend having someone there to help as it is pretty large and can be a little hard to get straight, etc on your own. Two other people in this department who have them in their cubicles also they love them. The only thing missing was a bucket of sand to dip my toes in and a Margarita!
Really cool. :) Very happy with my purchase.
The only thing that wasn't too cool, was that after a week, the top was coming unstuck from the wall. I pushed it back up and restuck it to the wall. Looks like I'll have to just do that every so often. About once every week or two.
It is made out of good material. That was surprising. It just doesn't stick and stay for ever.
Bought for my 11 year old daughter's room. It's true to size and the image is clear, it's beautiful! I took my husband and I maybe 10 min total to put it up, that includes where to put it, leveling it, and sticking it to the wall. We started at one corner, while he pulled the backing off slowly, I used a small rag and rubbed it down making sure to rub out any bubbles as we went along! Wasn't hard at all to put on the wall, but I wouldn't try to do it alone.